Executive Jet Charter Costs

There are many types of executive jets suited to different applications (and budgets!). Although they are also known as business jets, private jets or simply ‘Biz Jets’, regardless of name they are typically chartered by wealthy businesses, executives and individuals. Executive jet charter costs have risen in recent times due to fuel cost increases, however charter companies are becoming more savvy to meeting the needs of their customers and adapting their service to suit the changing economic climate.

Jet charter companies are providing greater value for money by offering empty flight legs at last minute discount prices. These might be available say when a private jet has to fly back to base or has to reposition to another customer. This leg would otherwise go unsold, and the price would sometimes be passed on as part of the cost to the previous charter customer. There are various online brokers that specialise in providing a searchable database of ’empty legs’, and services such as these have helped to reduce the cost of chartering a jet and bring it slightly more down to earth (although only very slightly!)

If you are wondering approximately how much does a private jet cost to charter then we have a handy comparison guide on our home page that details the different classes of jet (eg: light jets, mid-size, and full-size jets). It shows the range that each jet type could be expected to achieve and an approximate guide to chartering costs.

King Air Turboprop

Gorgeous executive jet charter aircraft – even though a King Air Turboprop

There are many different types of executive jets, with the most popular ones in the light jet category being the Citation V / Ultra, Beechjet 400, Hawker 400XP and the Learjet 35. Overall it is the light executive jet category that were the most popular to be chartered. After this the medium-size jets were also popular, with models such as the Hawker 800, Learjet 55, Learjet 60 and the Citation Excel. In the turboprop category the Beechcraft King Air was the most popular executive ‘jet’.

So how much would an executive jet charter cost?

Well, as we’ve outlined on the home page this depends on the category of aircraft and many other variables such as the distance that is required to fly, the flight time it will take, the number of intended passengers and how much style your executives want to travel in! Not that I would turn my nose up at any business jet ride, however some are definitely more ‘plush’ and spacious than others. Firstly you should consider the number of passengers that you will be travelling with. If it is just a small group then a light jet may be the order of the day, however you should be aware that most of these smaller jets don’t even allow you to fully stand up.

If you have a larger passenger requirement, or a longer range requirement then you may want to opt for a mid-size jet. Whilst these are more costly, the mid-size business jets offer an increased range and increased seating capacity. As an example the Hawker 800 has a passenger capacity of between 8 and 13 seats. Although you’re unlikely to be cost-conscious if chartering an executive jet, this extra seating would mean that the cost could be shared by more individuals. This is how the ’empty leg’ sharing has also become more popular as the larger the group the lower cost. It’s even been known for these empty legs to be advertised on Facebook – who’d have thought it!

Rough Chartering Costs

The list below gives an indication of the costs for chartering a business jet per flight hour. Please understand that these are very approximate and the actual cost would depend on a huge range of factors and variables that the jet broker would discuss with you.

  • Small Jet Cost Per Flight Hour: $5,400
  • Mid-Size Jet: $8,800
  • Larger Mid-Size Jet: $9,650
  • Full-Size Jet: $12,800

It’s also worth pointing out that the country that you hire the jet in will make a big difference to the cost, as European providers are likely to be more expensive than their United States counterparts. Private jet charter is also a lot more common in the US, hence there are more jet aircraft providers, more competition and lower fuel prices which result in cheaper executive jet charter costs.