Private Jet Prices

Private jet prices vary widely and depend on a range of factors. The first question is whether you need a brand new jet, or whether a used private jet would be acceptable. For the more affluent customer then a second-hand plane just won’t be appealing, and despite the cost being higher, they will always choose a brand new business jet. This page covers the cost of buying a private jet, however if you are looking for information regarding the prices of chartering a jet, then we have a separate article covering this.

The Second Hand Private Jet Market

There are a range of places that you can look for your second hand luxury jet, from online aircraft advertising sites such as Avbuyer, to the traditional jet brokerage. Both have their benefits, in terms of the online portals it could be said that they have a wider choice as you are able to view aircraft from all over the country and indeed the world. The best sites allow you to filter and search based on your own unique criteria (for example by aircraft range, passenger seats and of course by price).

Learjet 23

The first ever luxury private jet – the Learjet 23 of the 1960s

How much is a private jet depends on the age and size of the aircraft. A second hand 1960s Learjet would set you back a mere two to three hundred thousand US Dollars. These Learjets were the classic biz jet of the day, and the Lear company was the pioneering founders of executive jet travel, putting private luxury travel into the hands of the elite travelling public.

If you have slightly more cash to flash then you might be interested in the newer 1979 Dassault Falcon 10 for roughly four hundred thousand dollars. With a range of 2,200 miles and a cruising speed of 566 mph you’ll be spoilt for choice when you’re picking the destination of your next day trip! So why doesn’t every private jet owner buy a second hand jet? Apart from the obvious fact that some lucky individuals / companies don’t even factor cost into the equation, for those that do then there are a number of additional considerations to bear in mind.

With an older aircraft you are likely to be paying more every year on maintenance, perhaps even as much as the initial purchase price of the aircraft, every year. Older jets will also have more ‘miles on the clock’ and so their remaining lifetime will be limited compared to a brand new aircraft. Private jet prices will always be lower for this type of aircraft, and so it really is a decision based on what you can afford vs. what level of luxury you desire.

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